Algebra is FUN

Math is my favorite subject since I was a little kid. Math is different from other subjects. Math allow to uses critical thinking and builds problem-solving skills. Learning to look at a problem—whether a math problem or a life problem—and come up with a plan is an important skill to practice. In this round math is a bit different. We have new facilitator that have different teaching style and the lesson also different from last term. Algebra!! For me, Algebra is fun and challenging. We use Khan Academy to see our progress and to practice. 

Let see can you solve this equation ; )

Answer: if a = 8 which mean 9 – b = 9 – 8, so the answer must be 1.  

Human Of Cambodia

For this round, I have Human of Cambodia exploration. Human of Cambodia is a really great opportunity for me to learn some new skill and to understand more about my country. For me, human of Cambodia means to Interview and capture pictures of Cambodian and make the document or nonfiction story about humans that live in Cambodia. I learned a lot of new skill such as how to get people to talk to us, photography, writing captions, and building self-confidence.

Taking pictures is one of my favorite thing to do, so this is a great way for me to improve this skill. Before, I was really scared to talk to unknown people, and one of my gold for this exploration is to learn how to talk with people I never made before. I try really hard to communicate with the stranger and be friendly with them. One of the thing that I just learned from my teacher is trying to be simple when we try to get the story from the people. Just go to them and ask the friendly question like how are you and all of the thing that you need to do next are asking the following question. After we have the pictures and the story we need to write the caption that feeds with the story and the picture. It was hard for me to write a powerful caption I learn from my teacher and practice it so many time. Practice being better. This exploration helps me to build myself confident and more confident with interviewing and ask people to take their picture.

The final product of this exploration is the picture and caption and performance. We show the picture with the caption and the performance of the two stories that we have selected.

Story And Caption

My first child is a babysitter at Phnom Penh which is far from where I live. My second child is a motorbike washer. My third child is illiterate. He failed his study and lives without education. It gives me a very hard time. I became sick and was diagnosed with scoliosis. I vomited for 3 months long. My first child rarely visits me and I miss her so bad. I think I would’ve died by now.
Luckily, a Christian group came here and helped me go to the hospital and receive the medicine. Because of them I feel better and am glad that I’m alive.

My husband and I work together to get income for our family. He does fishing and I take those fish to sell. We do what we can do.





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ប្រទេសខ្មែរបាន ទទួលនូវការឈ្លានពានពីប្រទេសដទៃជាច្រើន ដូចជា នៅក្រោមអាណានិគមរបស់ប្រទេសបារាំង និង ការឈ្លានពានដទៃទៀត ដែលបណ្តាលឲ្យបាត់បង់ទឹកដី ជាច្រើនទៅប្រទេសជិតខាង ដូចជា ប្រទេសវៀតណាម និង ប្រទេសថៃ ជាដើម។ ដូចនេះហើយ បានជាពួកយើងធ្វើការស្រាយជ្រាវ​ ពីទឹកដីខ្មែរដែលបានបាត់បងទៅ​ ប្រទេសវៀតណាម និង ប្រទេសថៃ រួមមានខេត្ត ប្រាសាទ វត្ត ភ្នំ កោះ។ល។

សូមចុចនៅ ទីនេះ ដើម្បីទៅកាន់ ខេត្ត ប្រាសាទ វត្ត ភ្នំ កោះ​ ដែលបានបាត់បង់ទៅប្រទេសវៀតណាម។

Happy World Poetry Day

Happy World Poetry Day. Read the first stanza of the poem and try to combine the bold words together and you will find out something.

You’re the only limit is your soul.

DOn’t forget to be awesome.

Let your bad days create better tomorrow.


Your dream wouldn’t complete without you

Magical only work when you try hard

limit yourself to produce the brightest stars

The dream is as magical as you allow it to be

Bring your dream to real life

You can’t stop the problem, but you can solve using your soul


Don’t let your action destroy your dream

Don’t Forget to use your secret weapons

to the well-organized mind

be yourself you aren’t weird you are limited edition

Be awesome follow your dream you know the way


Let yourself decide the way for tomorrow

Be Your own sunshine

Bad day today give you experience for tomorrow

Don’t let your bad Days test your light  

Create a light in your heart

You will Better, be strong

Tomorrow will be a good day enjoy your day


I hope this will give you hope

To continue your dream

Everyone is unique in their own way

I think this is a great way to celebrate the world poetry day.

Percentage In Daily Life

For this term in math class, we were focusing on percentage. For me, I have learned percentage before so it is kind of easy for me to just learn it in English. I miss a lot of class time and I need to catch up in my free time.

Learning percentage it not simple it really fancy. Before you get into the percentage you should know about the fraction and decimal first. Because of learning about the percentage require all of that knowledge.

The percentage also an important subject to learn and use it in our daily life. Ex: comparing thing and discount product.

As you can see in the figure above the percent come from the fraction and it turns to decimal and finally its turn to the percentage.

New language _Print_

Have you ever try to learn a new language. Learning a new language is really hard at first, but when you getting deeper and deeper it will be much easier and easier. For this round in Multimedia class, we still focusing on Python. We did some project in Learning python is like learning a new language. I can’t imagine the first of me learned python. It really hard and I don’t even know anything. It the first time for me learning Python or code language. Now, I feel more comfortable with python since learning it for so long. This round we have learned about Python function, Python list, and Python dictionary.

Even though, It a first time for me to learn python I still can handle it. I always struggle while trying to complete the mission. I ask my teacher and my friends for helping me with the exercise.  There’s a project name  Turtle race that I have done. The most difficult is making the dash. What I did is try to find out where is the line come and I try so many different codes to test the code if it right. Reading the instruction is really important for us to understand more about the code.

Dash line


For this round, we were starting to focusing on Physical Science. Learning physical science is fun and kind of hard too. We focus on different things about Physical science such as Motion and Forces. There’s a lot of trip going on so I miss a lot of stem class.


Earth has two forces: Gravity is the force that pulls the object down. The other force is an upward force that may be provided by the ground or other surfaces.

credit: Ck12

In the picture  above the gravity pulls down with a force of 20 newtons and the table pushes up with a force of 20 newtons. The force of pushing and pulling is with the same newtons so the book just stays still because it balances.  


In the  picture above the man with the blue shirt kicks the ball to the left with75 newtons and the man with the yellow shirt kicks the ball with 125 newtons to the right so the ball will go to the right. Because of the force of kicking the ball to the right have greater newtons than the force of kicking the ball to the left.


What the different between Khmer grammar and English grammar?

For this round in Khmer class, we are focusing on Khmer grammar. Khmer grammar is similar to English grammar. For me, I and my partner are reaching on Adverb.


Different type of Adverb (in Khmer) 


  • គុណកិរិយាកាល៖ ជាពាក្យសម្រាប់បញ្ជាក់ពីពេលវេលា របស់កិរិយាសព្ទ គុណនាម និងគុណកិរិយានៅក្នុងល្បះ។
  • គុណកិរិយាកន្លែង៖ ជាពាក្យសម្រាប់បញ្ជាក់ពីទីកន្លែង របស់កិរិយាស័ព្ទ គុណនាម និងគុណកិរិយានៅក្នុងល្បះ។
  • គុណកិរិយាបំណែប៖ ជាពាក្យសម្រាប់បញ្ជាក់ពីបែបបទ របស់កិរិយាស័ព្ទ គុណនាម និងគុណកិរិយានៅក្នុងល្បះ។
  • គុណកិរិយាបរិមាណ៖ ជាពាក្យសម្រាប់បញ្ជាក់ពីលក្ខណៈ របស់កិរិយាស័ព្ទ គុណនាម និងគុណកិរិយានៅក្នុងល្បះ។
  • គុណកិរិយាសំណួរ៖ ជាពាក្យសម្រាប់បង្កើតល្បះសំណួរ ហើយបញ្ជាក់ពីហេតុ កាល និងបំណែប របស់ កិរិយាស័ព្ទ គុណនាម និងគុណកិរិយានៅក្នុងល្បះ។


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What Is My Name?

A short paragraph I had written in my English Literacy class.

My name

Eng Tieng is the name given to me by my grandma. My grandma gives this name to me because she thinks that my face looks like Chinese and she think that this name match to my face. Tieng means positive, independent, creative, inventive, and ingenious and in Chinese Eng mean five. I used to think that I have a strange name and different from my family’s name and all of my friends’ name. Sometimes they also said that my name is so strange they never hear it before, but some of them also said that my name is sound like a Chinese name. I want my name to sound more like Foreigner’s name more like Anna is a great name. Some Foreigner also said my name wrong, but I like that way they call my name (E-Tieng and more). Now, I think that my name is a great name and it matches my personality really well and it also can represent who I am too.

Kolap Pailin

There are a lot of stories from the past that the author has been written and

The cover of the book.

public it all around Cambodia. In this round in Khmer literacy this term we also one of Cambodia ’s storybook and this book title is Kolad Pailin. In this story, they have four main that we need to describe and there are something from that character that we need to learn from. The four characters are Chao Chet (Main Character), Kun Neary ( Main Character), Luong Ratanak Sombat (Kun Neary’s father), and Ba lat ( Bad Character). Chao Chet is the good men he has determination, integrity, and stewardship. Kun Neary is a good woman that she is a bit rude at the first time that she saw Chao Chet but, inside she is a good person and she is really brave. Luong Ratanak Sombat is a good boss he never looks down at poor people and his worker. Ba Lat is a bad man he always looks down at poor people and he isn’t brave but he always says that he is brave.

This is really important that we learn about Cambodia’s story understand about it and take the good message to practice in real-life.