Happy World Poetry Day

Happy World Poetry Day. Read the first stanza of the poem and try to combine the bold words together and you will find out something.

You’re the only limit is your soul.

DOn’t forget to be awesome.

Let your bad days create better tomorrow.


Your dream wouldn’t complete without you

Magical only work when you try hard

limit yourself to produce the brightest stars

The dream is as magical as you allow it to be

Bring your dream to real life

You can’t stop the problem, but you can solve using your soul


Don’t let your action destroy your dream

Don’t Forget to use your secret weapons

to the well-organized mind

be yourself you aren’t weird you are limited edition

Be awesome follow your dream you know the way


Let yourself decide the way for tomorrow

Be Your own sunshine

Bad day today give you experience for tomorrow

Don’t let your bad Days test your light  

Create a light in your heart

You will Better, be strong

Tomorrow will be a good day enjoy your day


I hope this will give you hope

To continue your dream

Everyone is unique in their own way

I think this is a great way to celebrate the world poetry day.

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