For this round, we were starting to focusing on Physical Science. Learning physical science is fun and kind of hard too. We focus on different things about Physical science such as Motion and Forces. There’s a lot of trip going on so I miss a lot of stem class.


Earth has two forces: Gravity is the force that pulls the object down. The other force is an upward force that may be provided by the ground or other surfaces.

credit: Ck12

In the picture  above the gravity pulls down with a force of 20 newtons and the table pushes up with a force of 20 newtons. The force of pushing and pulling is with the same newtons so the book just stays still because it balances.  


In the  picture above the man with the blue shirt kicks the ball to the left with75 newtons and the man with the yellow shirt kicks the ball with 125 newtons to the right so the ball will go to the right. Because of the force of kicking the ball to the right have greater newtons than the force of kicking the ball to the left.


Carbon Is Everywhere

For this round in Stem class, we are focusing on Carbon. So, what is carbon? Carbon is the chemical element of atomic number 6, a non-metal diamond and graphite are the two main forms. Most of the thing contains carbon. Everyone

Credit: Lucas’s Lab

needs carbon but, carbon also affects climate change. Before I started to learn about carbon I don’t know that Most of the thing contains carbon but, it also affects climate change. We also did some experiment too. The first experiment that we did is the Black Snake experiment.


In stem class, we are studying different subjects. In this round, we are focusing on the Matter and atom. Two of this Lesson make me love Stem. When I study in Stem class I will that understand. We usually use Ck12 website to read and follow the lesson. I think Matter and Atom is my favorite subject in Stem class. Stem class is one of my favorite class.