Algebra is FUN

Math is my favorite subject since I was a little kid. Math is different from other subjects. Math allow to uses critical thinking and builds problem-solving skills. Learning to look at a problem—whether a math problem or a life problem—and come up with a plan is an important skill to practice. In this round math is a bit different. We have new facilitator that have different teaching style and the lesson also different from last term. Algebra!! For me, Algebra is fun and challenging. We use Khan Academy to see our progress and to practice. 

Let see can you solve this equation ; )

Answer: if a = 8 which mean 9 – b = 9 – 8, so the answer must be 1.  

Percentage In Daily Life

For this term in math class, we were focusing on percentage. For me, I have learned percentage before so it is kind of easy for me to just learn it in English. I miss a lot of class time and I need to catch up in my free time.

Learning percentage it not simple it really fancy. Before you get into the percentage you should know about the fraction and decimal first. Because of learning about the percentage require all of that knowledge.

The percentage also an important subject to learn and use it in our daily life. Ex: comparing thing and discount product.

As you can see in the figure above the percent come from the fraction and it turns to decimal and finally its turn to the percentage.


In this round in math class, we are focusing on Fraction and the word problem. We also learn on Khan Academy and Singapore Math learning program and now we are on the 5A level. We aren’t always doing this to things something we also play Kahoot about math and another website to make us more chill and don’t just do one thing we always try new thing. We also have our Math class’s quote “make the most of your learning” we have made a lot of posters about “make the most of your learning” and all of us vote for the most beautiful poster.

That is the most beautiful posters in my class. For me, I think to make this poster is really helpful for our learning. Sometimes, when we are stress we also want to look at some quotes to be happy and for this round, we are also focusing on the Word problem and some word problem it really to understand and when I look at this quote it cheers me up.