HICC 2019

Who has compares Cambodia to another country? I have because I want my country to be a better country. Now a day, Cambodia is developing with factories, building, technology, education, economy and etc. Can you imagine how much does it grow from Khmer Rouge until nowadays? From non-educated to educated society from darkness to brightness. It is almost impossible to imagine. If you need to change something in your country you need to change yourself first. From my 2018-2019 I believed that I have the ability to impact and also to change Cambodia. 

I have done so many projects this year. At the beginning of the year, one of my explorations was Traveling Theater, which is to create the Moblie Theater for the community. Mobile Theater is the same as the traveling theater that can travel around Cambodia to perform and also to impact the people in the community about the gamble, education, chemical usage, and etc. They’re still people gamble, don’t go to school and use chemicals in the food we hope that after they see our show they will change their mind. If Cambodia is covering by people with a good mindset as the blanket I can’t imagine that how great this country would be, there will be no more fighting, argument, discrimination, and people got depression. I want to see people respect each other, helping each other, love each other and protect the amazing country that we live now a day. I strongly believe that we will make that imaginary become reality by just starting from all of us, we are the change agent of Cambodia.

 One April I have a project called Human Of Cambodia (HOC). Human of Cambodia means to Interview and capture pictures of Cambodian and make the document or nonfiction story about humans that live in Cambodia. HOC also impact a lot of things it can make people thinking with a different perspective change their mindsets and sharing though through looks at the picture and reading the caption of each person. Since I joined this project I feel more comfortable in writing, interviewing and talking picture. Audiences can get inspired by seeing the pictures and the quotes. This project can help us building those kinds of skills and I believe this can be a part of changing Cambodia. As a change agent for Cambodia, I always dream of my country become a role model for other countries. But, if I just dream without taking action that makes no sense. That why I am here. This is the link to Human Of Cambodia’s blog. 

One of the biggest projects that I have done this year is Technovation. Technovation is a program for girls from over the world to learn and apply the skill need to solve real-world problems by making an application. We were working with our mentor to get the app and the business plan was done in three months. The problem that we are trying solve is about the lost popularity of Khmer Poem. We have found out that most of the students are having a hard time writing Khmer Poem. Khmer Poem is hard because it requires rhymes words and it has its own structure of writing. We believe that our app can help to bring back the popularity of the poem. We also get to the finalist, and we presented our pitch at silicon valley. 

How I Change Cambodia? 2018-2019


I have a passion for making business because it teach me a lot of skills such as problem solver, innovative to change Cambodia and the hold world. In my second year in Liger, I had been on a lot of exploration. Entrepreneurship was one of those exploration. Entrepreneurship is meant the activity create a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit and Entrepreneurship is an exploration to create a business that can solve at least one problem. We have seven weeks to work on our product or businesses. We need to working really hard in that seven-week on making a product, solving problem and make our business work. We also learn a lot of life lesson on this lesson too. We learn what money how make money work for us?

Our teacher told us that this exploration that not to making the product but tries to solve the problem and fill a need. I work with two of my friends Bopha and Chhay. Based on solving the problem around Cambodia including the hold world with an everyday problem. Before, we get to make the product we need to do some brand storming to get a good idea to make a good product. When we get some idea to make a product we need to make sure that our product solves at least one problem. If our problem didn’t solve any problem we need to think of a new product that can solve some problem. One day, our team meet together and we get an idea to make a pencil case which it can solve a lot of problems too. But first, we need to make the prototype to make sure it mine work or not and know how to make it. We Finally, it works give it to our teacher to look and give some feedback to improve our product. We also go out of our class to get some feedback. How can we put the price? We put the price bais on how much it cost to make this pencil, how many time that we pay to make this product ( is we make it too long we can’t make a lot of product and we use too much time one product) and we also think about the effort( is it hard to make or not). We got some feedback some feedback is good and some feedback isn’t good. So, we need to decide what feedback is good that can improve our product and what feedback aren’t good. We go to sell it in other places like CIA first, Women day and sell it in our school.

We make a lot of money and we also solve some problem too. We really proud of our self that we can solve some problem in our country. I think if everyone in our country can change at least one problem Cambodia will be the develop country. Exploration makes it happy and understand and know how it feels to start a business.