New language _Print_

Have you ever try to learn a new language. Learning a new language is really hard at first, but when you getting deeper and deeper it will be much easier and easier. For this round in Multimedia class, we still focusing on Python. We did some project in Learning python is like learning a new language. I can’t imagine the first of me learned python. It really hard and I don’t even know anything. It the first time for me learning Python or code language. Now, I feel more comfortable with python since learning it for so long. This round we have learned about Python function, Python list, and Python dictionary.

Even though, It a first time for me to learn python I still can handle it. I always struggle while trying to complete the mission. I ask my teacher and my friends for helping me with the exercise.  There’s a project name  Turtle race that I have done. The most difficult is making the dash. What I did is try to find out where is the line come and I try so many different codes to test the code if it right. Reading the instruction is really important for us to understand more about the code.

Dash line

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