Human Of Cambodia

For this round, I have Human of Cambodia exploration. Human of Cambodia is a really great opportunity for me to learn some new skill and to understand more about my country. For me, human of Cambodia means to Interview and capture pictures of Cambodian and make the document or nonfiction story about humans that live in Cambodia. I learned a lot of new skill such as how to get people to talk to us, photography, writing captions, and building self-confidence.

Taking pictures is one of my favorite thing to do, so this is a great way for me to improve this skill. Before, I was really scared to talk to unknown people, and one of my gold for this exploration is to learn how to talk with people I never made before. I try really hard to communicate with the stranger and be friendly with them. One of the thing that I just learned from my teacher is trying to be simple when we try to get the story from the people. Just go to them and ask the friendly question like how are you and all of the thing that you need to do next are asking the following question. After we have the pictures and the story we need to write the caption that feeds with the story and the picture. It was hard for me to write a powerful caption I learn from my teacher and practice it so many time. Practice being better. This exploration helps me to build myself confident and more confident with interviewing and ask people to take their picture.

The final product of this exploration is the picture and caption and performance. We show the picture with the caption and the performance of the two stories that we have selected.

Story And Caption

My first child is a babysitter at Phnom Penh which is far from where I live. My second child is a motorbike washer. My third child is illiterate. He failed his study and lives without education. It gives me a very hard time. I became sick and was diagnosed with scoliosis. I vomited for 3 months long. My first child rarely visits me and I miss her so bad. I think I would’ve died by now.
Luckily, a Christian group came here and helped me go to the hospital and receive the medicine. Because of them I feel better and am glad that I’m alive.

My husband and I work together to get income for our family. He does fishing and I take those fish to sell. We do what we can do.





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