Kolap Pailin

There are a lot of stories from the past that the author has been written and

The cover of the book.

public it all around Cambodia. In this round in Khmer literacy this term we also one of Cambodia ’s storybook and this book title is Kolad Pailin. In this story, they have four main that we need to describe and there are something from that character that we need to learn from. The four characters are Chao Chet (Main Character), Kun Neary ( Main Character), Luong Ratanak Sombat (Kun Neary’s father), and Ba lat ( Bad Character). Chao Chet is the good men he has determination, integrity, and stewardship. Kun Neary is a good woman that she is a bit rude at the first time that she saw Chao Chet but, inside she is a good person and she is really brave. Luong Ratanak Sombat is a good boss he never looks down at poor people and his worker. Ba Lat is a bad man he always looks down at poor people and he isn’t brave but he always says that he is brave.

This is really important that we learn about Cambodia’s story understand about it and take the good message to practice in real-life.

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