Khmer Children’s Literature

For this round, I have an exploration call Khmer Children’s Literature. The goal of the exploration is to get creative with writing and design, write a collection of 6 children’s stories, one for each of the Liger Core Values (Determination, Stewardship, Ingenuity, Appreciation, Integrity, and Optimism), learn about the benefits of reading at a young age, and spread this knowledge to Khmer parent and children. We hope that our work can impact the Khmer parents and children about the message that each of the book give. There’re so many challenges that I face during this exploration, come up with the ideas and how the story going to look like, agree on one idea, accept the comment, and design the book, but at least at the end of the day I find new passion like digital drawing and get creative with writing. This exploration also allow me to get involved with so many activities. I have noticed that I have shown a lot of hard work, try to get the book done, even though on Pchum Ben break.

This exploration help me to find new passion new skills and take risks to try new things, “Always try new things, don’t do something that everyone expect that you can do. Do something that they think you can’t”

What Is My Name?

A short paragraph I had written in my English Literacy class.

My name

Eng Tieng is the name given to me by my grandma. My grandma gives this name to me because she thinks that my face looks like Chinese and she think that this name match to my face. Tieng means positive, independent, creative, inventive, and ingenious and in Chinese Eng mean five. I used to think that I have a strange name and different from my family’s name and all of my friends’ name. Sometimes they also said that my name is so strange they never hear it before, but some of them also said that my name is sound like a Chinese name. I want my name to sound more like Foreigner’s name more like Anna is a great name. Some Foreigner also said my name wrong, but I like that way they call my name (E-Tieng and more). Now, I think that my name is a great name and it matches my personality really well and it also can represent who I am too.

Enjoyment And Inflexible Math

For this round, we finish our 5A book and we just started 5B after we finish 5A. The first capture of this book is Decimal. We also need decimal in our daily life. When we are shopping or cooking something. For decimal, I can say that dividing by decimals is the inflexible one. However, it is not too unflexible for me it just the hardest one. Learning decimals is joyful sometimes but, sometimes it also unflexible too. But, if you are into it enjoy learning it you will good at it.


Physical Science

The last term we were focusing on different atoms and chemical elements. For this term 2, I have studied about Covalent Bond and Ionic Bond which are the combination of elements chemically. This two bond is made when atoms share or transfer electrons with another element to be stable and create another sustain. The electrons that can be shared or transfer are called the Valence Electrons which are located in the outer energy of an atom.

Covalent bond: when the element shares the electron together to be stable and create another sustain between non-metal to non-metal.  

Ionic bond: when the elements lost or gain more electrons and they give away their electrons between mental to non-metal.

Kolap Pailin

There are a lot of stories from the past that the author has been written and

The cover of the book.

public it all around Cambodia. In this round in Khmer literacy this term we also one of Cambodia ’s storybook and this book title is Kolad Pailin. In this story, they have four main that we need to describe and there are something from that character that we need to learn from. The four characters are Chao Chet (Main Character), Kun Neary ( Main Character), Luong Ratanak Sombat (Kun Neary’s father), and Ba lat ( Bad Character). Chao Chet is the good men he has determination, integrity, and stewardship. Kun Neary is a good woman that she is a bit rude at the first time that she saw Chao Chet but, inside she is a good person and she is really brave. Luong Ratanak Sombat is a good boss he never looks down at poor people and his worker. Ba Lat is a bad man he always looks down at poor people and he isn’t brave but he always says that he is brave.

This is really important that we learn about Cambodia’s story understand about it and take the good message to practice in real-life.

Argumentative Essay

In this round, we are focusing on writing. First, we were focusing on Social and Environmental Injustice. We did some activity that related to this topic and tried to understand more about this topic. For this topic, we had the Hyperdoc to working on and we also read some article on Newsela.

Picture from google

We also did some debating on Schools should stop the practice of giving letter grades to students. Instead, they should only give written feedback. For this activity, there are two group and the two groups are Agree group and Not Agree group. When we finish our debating we learn about the sources the primary source and the secondary source. The primary source is the first-hand source no copy from other wed/article. The secondary source is the second-hand source. There also the Bais source. The bias source is the source is the force source. We learned all of this source because we are writing the Argumentative essay and we need to know about the source and we use all of this source to support our writing.

Surface Area and Ratio

In math class this term we are focusing on surface area and ratio. It’s really fun and helpful to learn about surface area and ratio, even though I miss some lesson/ activity because I was on trips, but anyway I still need to understand about this two main lesson. We also did the Liger ratio and recipes ratio.

Surface area: the outside part or top layer of something. 


Recipes: the measure of the relation between two amounts showing the number of times one value contains or is contained within the other.

Outdoor Leadership

My teacher took this picture. When we draw our handprint on the Outdoor Leadership Promise.

In this term, I got my new exploration and my new exploration is Outdoor Leadership. So, what is Outdoor Leadership mean? Outdoor Leadership means to lead yourself or a group to go outside of the class and explore the beautiful nature. In our class, there is five promises/ core volume there are Problem Solver, Respect Determination, Learning, and Encouragement. Everyone draws their handprint and write on them about what we want to work on, what we excited for, and what we want to learn the most from this class. During our class, we also write about weekly/ trips reflection. We went to two different places and those places are Kirirom and Mondulkiri.

For the first week of this exploration mostly we were focusing on nature understand what is nature and what does nature mean to all of us and everyone has different opinions about nature. For me, nature is almost everything around me. Nature is a producer, creator, protector, teacher, and more. We also make something to represent what does nature mean to us? We also get outside of class to observe nature and find what does nature look like at different places and we did some debate about Is Liger a wilderness? We spend half an hour to do debating and finally we kind of get an idea and understand more about nature. We also did some truth activity there are Fall and Trees And Rope Scenario. We faced some challenges when we do the Trees and Ropes scenario that made us had, but we all talked, we all helped, we all safe and we all succeed.  We also learned about the wilderness first aid and how can we help people in an emergency situation. We did some activity that related to this topic. It is really important that you truth your team made if you don’t truth them sometimes it is so hard to work or communicate in the group and it can cause a lot of problems.

In our second week, we went on a trip to Kirirom and we spend 2 days and 1 night there.

My teacher took this picture. When we hike to the waterfall.

During the trip, e did a lot of team building activity and we also hike to the waterfall for 5km it was so fun and tried when we were hiking to the waterfall. Everything when well and everyone is really happy. When we come back from Kirirom we start to learn about wilderness first-aid we also do some activity that we have the Lead Rescue, Victim, and Assistant. When we did this activity the victim most act like they are in the emergency time and lead rescue need to look after everyone and make sure that they are safe and the assistant just help with the lead rescue asking for. We did this activity just want to practice our lesson and know what it gonna look like when someone is in emergency time and there no hospital near us. After learning the wildness first-aid we feel like we know and we able to save people life. Want to learn more about Wilderness first-aid. Click here

My friend took this picture. With the elephant at Mondulkiri.

Finally, We went to our big trip which is Mondulkiri. Everything still went well like our first trip and we also learn something new have a lot of new experiences there and no one has any big emergency and everyone look really happy and enjoying the time that we have work together.