Khmer Children’s Literature

For this round, I have an exploration call Khmer Children’s Literature. The goal of the exploration is to get creative with writing and design, write a collection of 6 children’s stories, one for each of the Liger Core Values (Determination, Stewardship, Ingenuity, Appreciation, Integrity, and Optimism), learn about the benefits of reading at a young age, and spread this knowledge to Khmer parent and children. We hope that our work can impact the Khmer parents and children about the message that each of the book give. There’re so many challenges that I face during this exploration, come up with the ideas and how the story going to look like, agree on one idea, accept the comment, and design the book, but at least at the end of the day I find new passion like digital drawing and get creative with writing. This exploration also allow me to get involved with so many activities. I have noticed that I have shown a lot of hard work, try to get the book done, even though on Pchum Ben break.

This exploration help me to find new passion new skills and take risks to try new things, “Always try new things, don’t do something that everyone expect that you can do. Do something that they think you can’t”

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