Get Creative With PhotoShop

For this last round of the year, is different from other rounds in this year for multimedia. We were given the three weeks project, we got to chose what we wanna learn that related to multimedia.

I chose to work on one of the Adobe program called Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop (Ps) is known as a raster graphics editor, digital art and photo editor, etc… I already know some of the basics and its tools, and I want to learn more about it. I love editing normal pictures to be the better and cool picture.

I learn Photoshop by watching the video on youtube. However, I sometimes get bored of watching a random tutorial on youtube, I go and search randomly on Pinterest. It was pretty much challenging and stressful for me to learn it by myself. It so hard to find the pictures that look similar to the picture on the tutorial. Most of the pictures that I use to edit are mostly from online because I don’t have time to take the picture and edit.

I enjoy learning this Adobe program. It helps me to go beyond my limit and always try new style of editing pictures. I am proud of myself what my edit turn out and look good.  

The double exposure
The double exposure of Ariana Grande
Butterfly outline


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