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For this round in Multimedia class, we are focusing on Phyton. Phyton is one of the computer’s language.  For me, I have zero knowledge of Phyton. I’m never learning it before. After I learn it for seven-weeks I started to know more about it and have more knowledge about it. Sometimes I also feel frustrated and struggle with it. However, I still need to deal with it and trying to understand it more and more until I am able to do it by myself. Every week, there a code board assignment for us to do. Sometimes, I don’t know what to do to get the right answer. So, I ask my friends or my teacher for helping to explain to me. If we have some question or don’t know have to do we can ask our teacher or our friends to help us, but we can’t ask them for the answer. 

This is some example of Python:

While Loop:

count = 0
while (count < 9):
  print “goodbye”
  count = count + 1

Explain: count equal to zero. while count (zero) is smaller than nine print goodbye. And then the computer will read the next code in the next line count(zero) plus one. So, zero plus one equal to one. Because it is a loop so it will repeat until the count equal 9 it will stop print. 







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