Argumentative Essay

In this round, we are focusing on writing. First, we were focusing on Social and Environmental Injustice. We did some activity that related to this topic and tried to understand more about this topic. For this topic, we had the Hyperdoc to working on and we also read some article on Newsela.

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We also did some debating on Schools should stop the practice of giving letter grades to students. Instead, they should only give written feedback. For this activity, there are two group and the two groups are Agree group and Not Agree group. When we finish our debating we learn about the sources the primary source and the secondary source. The primary source is the first-hand source no copy from other wed/article. The secondary source is the second-hand source. There also the Bais source. The bias source is the source is the force source. We learned all of this source because we are writing the Argumentative essay and we need to know about the source and we use all of this source to support our writing.

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