Outdoor Leadership

My teacher took this picture. When we draw our handprint on the Outdoor Leadership Promise.

In this term, I got my new exploration and my new exploration is Outdoor Leadership. So, what is Outdoor Leadership mean? Outdoor Leadership means to lead yourself or a group to go outside of the class and explore the beautiful nature. In our class, there is five promises/ core volume there are Problem Solver, Respect Determination, Learning, and Encouragement. Everyone draws their handprint and write on them about what we want to work on, what we excited for, and what we want to learn the most from this class. During our class, we also write about weekly/ trips reflection. We went to two different places and those places are Kirirom and Mondulkiri.

For the first week of this exploration mostly we were focusing on nature understand what is nature and what does nature mean to all of us and everyone has different opinions about nature. For me, nature is almost everything around me. Nature is a producer, creator, protector, teacher, and more. We also make something to represent what does nature mean to us? We also get outside of class to observe nature and find what does nature look like at different places and we did some debate about Is Liger a wilderness? We spend half an hour to do debating and finally we kind of get an idea and understand more about nature. We also did some truth activity there are Fall and Trees And Rope Scenario. We faced some challenges when we do the Trees and Ropes scenario that made us had, but we all talked, we all helped, we all safe and we all succeed.  We also learned about the wilderness first aid and how can we help people in an emergency situation. We did some activity that related to this topic. It is really important that you truth your team made if you don’t truth them sometimes it is so hard to work or communicate in the group and it can cause a lot of problems.

In our second week, we went on a trip to Kirirom and we spend 2 days and 1 night there.

My teacher took this picture. When we hike to the waterfall.

During the trip, e did a lot of team building activity and we also hike to the waterfall for 5km it was so fun and tried when we were hiking to the waterfall. Everything when well and everyone is really happy. When we come back from Kirirom we start to learn about wilderness first-aid we also do some activity that we have the Lead Rescue, Victim, and Assistant. When we did this activity the victim most act like they are in the emergency time and lead rescue need to look after everyone and make sure that they are safe and the assistant just help with the lead rescue asking for. We did this activity just want to practice our lesson and know what it gonna look like when someone is in emergency time and there no hospital near us. After learning the wildness first-aid we feel like we know and we able to save people life. Want to learn more about Wilderness first-aid. Click here

My friend took this picture. With the elephant at Mondulkiri.

Finally, We went to our big trip which is Mondulkiri. Everything still went well like our first trip and we also learn something new have a lot of new experiences there and no one has any big emergency and everyone look really happy and enjoying the time that we have work together.


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