Multimedia/ Digital Story Telling

In Multimedia class we learned many different subjects. One of the subjects is  Digital Storytelling. So, what is Digital Storytelling? Digital Storytelling is the short form of digital media production that allows everyone to share aspects of their story. We also write a story that follows the Pixar Story Structure and using once upon a time there was, Every day, One day, Because of that, Because of that, Until finally. And this is my story:

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who born in a wealthy family. Every she has a good food and fancy clothes to wear. One day there was a war happen in that country. Because of the war, her dad died because they kill him with there gun just because of the break the rule. Her family lives in a darkness without fancy cloth, food, and staff anymore. Finally, the war ended. But, her family didn’t have any money for service. So, she needs to work to find the money for her family. Because she is the oldest sister in her family and her mother need to look after her little brother. But, she just 12 years old. Because of that problem she can get just a little amount of money to buy food. Every day she tries really hard. Until one day she has enough money to buy a land to grow vegetables to sell at the market. Finally, her family are happy again and with enough food.

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