Set Design

We have different exploration in different rounds. In this round, I have an exploration which is SET DESIGN. This exploration is about creating a Community Traveling Theater that can travel to different community and put on the education show that can tell them what is right and what is wrong. Most theater in Cambodia they just stay at one play it can’t move. So, we decided to make a moveable theater.

To get this project happen we need to try really hard and stay focus. First, we need money to buy a truck we need a truck to make the theater can travel. We need to do the crow founding to promote our project to the world if they can donate us or not. To get that done to need a video of the crow founding website. We decide to go on a trip for 2 days. For the trip, we went to two provinces those two provinces are Kampongcham and Tbung Khum provinces. We also interview some villager and put on an education show. To do this we also facing some problem. The problems are finding the place for the show and get the permission from the owner of the house. When we were preparing our state it was raining really hard so we need to get the thing from the rain and prepare again inside there house. But anyway we still have a lot of audiences.

We are trying really to get those thing done and have the Community Traveling Teather for the people who live in rular area get to see the performance.

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