English Literacy


In this round, we are studying about old English and root words. In one week we learn ten new words. Besides learning the root words, we also have different activities such as reading articles on reading work, newsela and more website. We also draw a picture of our personal narrative and I also write a poem about my personal narrative:


Engtieng Ourn,

Age: 13


I use to do a lot of things

When I was young

I used to play

I used to look at the airplane

And wonder how big is it

When time arrives

I get to see the airplane in real life

And shock “GOD” it so big

It is bigger than the elephant

In the jungle

This is one of my funny memories

When I was young


No one can remember

All of the things they have done

Unless they have the memento

To make them remember

It is better to have one

I wonder how can

It makes us remember

But, now I know how it can be


My parents have told me

A lot of advice and I will remember it ever after

Things make me laugh

Things make me sad

Things make me happy

Things make angry

All of that thing is really important

To member

Maybe it not for you

But it is important for me


I wonder why I always

Cry when I was young

When I go to school

I need my dad to sit in front of my class

It sounds funny right

But don’t look down at me

Now I’m different

I can stay far from my family

Sometimes I cry because I miss them

Remember all of the things I do at home

But they said “Don’t miss us”

You need to learn how to live by yourself

“Don’t worry we all LOVE YOU

Just do your best and try harder”

They are my memory I want to remember forever


On 12/12/2015

Is the unforgettable day

It is the sad day

My grandma passed away

They are no way to forget her

She is the best grandma ever

When I was young

My parents didn’t stay with me

I stayed with my grandma

She looks after me

Give me some advice


When time goes by

She passes away

The hold family was sad

No one happy

Cause, she is the best grandma,

The best mother, the best sister

In everybody’s heart

I will never and ever forget that unforgettable time

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